Alessandro Corsini | Digital filmmaker. Direction, cinematography, editing

Flourished amidst the sand of Sardinia’s beaches and ripened despite the feeble north-european sun, Ale (AIessandro) Corsini is a Berlin-based, Italian filmmaker and director. Eclectic spirit and  obstinate aesthete in his own right, he combines an experimental approach to filmmaking with traditional cinematic conventions to produce creations with a flair and...a message.

Born in Milan (Italy), grown up in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) A.C. also lived, studied and worked in Rockville (Maryland, USA), Pisa, Perugia, Amsterdam, Bremen, Rome before choosing Berlin. His academic and professional background is interdisciplinary, spanning across the advertising, digitaI media and TV production fields. Fields that have been approached at times from a theoretical or practical perspective and to which belong also teaching and research experiences. He obtained his bachelor in Advertising Techniques at the Università per Stranieri of Perugia (Italy) and his master in DigitaI Media at the University/University of the Arts of Bremen (Germany). His interest for film developed during these last studies, originally drawn by hybrid forms like interactive films, interactive video installations and video art.
Ale Corsini's short directing works have nowadays been screened on small screens - worldwide on the WWW and nationwide on TV (SKY, RAI, LA7) - as well as on the big screens of prestigious, international venues like the Pompidou Centre (Paris), the Piccolo Teatro Strehler (Milan), the Babylon Kino (Berlin), the Zarya Art Centre (Vladivostok).

The service Ale Corsini offers consists of producing, through a network of selected professionals, a wide range of audiovisual products (from conception to production, post-production and distribution) for the fashion, advertising and NGO industries. Ale Corsini is also available for freelance work as film director for TV commercials, music videos and fashion films.

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